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BusinessApplication process of Turkey visa for Pakistanis

Application process of Turkey visa for Pakistanis

Citizens of Pakistan can now apply for a Turkish visa on the internet. The Turkey eVisa system is speedy and efficient. Pakistanis can fill out the application in two minutes. Turkey is among the most popular tourist destinations around the globe. It is located on the crossroads between Europe and Asia and is home to various civilizations. The unique culture, amazing places, and friendly people make it a great getaway destination. If you’re contemplating an excursion to Turkey, it is looking forward to a beautiful experience. The brand new Turkey Visa for Pakistanis has made traveling to Turkey much easier than before. Since the advent of electronic travel permits like the Turkey eVisa traveling to the stunning towns of Turkey is only an easy click away.

Turkey Visit Visa available from Pakistan

The tourist must travel into Turkey after leaving Pakistan within 180 calendar days after receiving the visa they have been granted. They are allowed to stay in Turkey for as long as 30 days. The Turkey Visa for Pakistanis may be used to gain entry into any Turkish air, sea or land ports of entry. The majority of travelers go towards Turkey from Pakistan via plane. Direct flights are available to Istanbul via Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Some flights make several stops between Lahore and Islamabad to various other major Turkish destinations like Ankara and Antalya. Before visiting the country, travelers should first check the Turkey visa requirements to avoid rejection of visa.  The turkey visa rejection rate for Pakistan

 is about 46.3%.

Turkey Tourist Visa

Turkey is among the top 10 destinations for travel worldwide. Travelers are drawn to the stunning structures, fascinating tradition and enthralling cultural life. Pakistan enjoys a tremendous cultural and political relationship with Turkey. Peace and brotherhood draw many millions of Pakistanis to travel around the country. Istanbul is considered the gateway that connects Europe and Asia Istanbul is the primary center for tourism and business. Other major cities are Ankara, Izmir, Cappadocia and Antalya. To travel to these cities, a Turkish residence permit for Pakistani will be required. Just 4 hours and you’ll be in a nation where you can entertain your family and friends or work from home; Turkey has a variety of choices for visitors of all ages. The first step for travel to Turkey is obtaining a Turkey visa for Pakistanis.

Turkey Visit Visa Cost

Pakistanis need to pay 20500 rupees to obtain a turkey work visa agent in Pakistan.  The price is an essential part of why Pakistanis travel to Turkey whenever they get the opportunity. It only takes four hours to travel to Istanbul, and you’re one of the most sought-after destinations but turkey visa processing time is around one month. There are around 10,000 Pakistanis who reside in Turkey, with 800 of them being students, while the rest are there for work or business purposes.

 How to Get Turkey Visa from Pakistan 

The following documents required for turkey visa; otherwise, the visa application may be denied. You will require a VAF request for a visa form, filled out correctly and signed by a person applying the Turkey Visa for Pakistanis.

  • Insurance for travel
  • Polio card
  • A copy of the passport’s first and 2nd pages, as well as copies of the pages you’ve used (visa or entry stamp)
  • Bank Statements from the last six months
  • Certificate of maintenance for bank account
  • Two recent photos of the applicant with white backgrounds
  • You will also require all the photocopies of your previous visas.
  • Letter of consent from the applicant
  • If you’re planning to travel to study or for a purpose, students require a Bonafide letter and
  • Officials and government officers require NOC and Ex-Pakistan leave cards from their offices or institutes to obtain a Turkey visa.
  • Anyone with legitimate UK, USA and Schengen visas can use the Turkey electronic visa facility.
  • Copy of flight reservation
  • NADRA Family registration certificates
  • Letter of service If you are an employee
  • NTN along with Tax Paper (if applicable)
  • NTN as well as Tax Paper (if applicable)
  • Copy of the hotel (or any other type of accommodation you prefer) confirmation

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